da Vinci SI Robotic Surgical System

da Vinci System

When surgery becomes necessary, you rely on us to perform safe procedures that will allow you to return to normal activities as quickly as possible. Dr. Graham is skilled at the most up-to-date methods of minimally invasive surgery including the da Vinci SI Robotic Surgical System.

Robotic procedures offer:
  • Less trauma on the body
  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery time
  • Return to health and daily life sooner

Robotic assistance allows Dr. Graham to perform minimally invasive procedures for more complicated surgeries. Rather than operating through a large incision, the da Vinci system allows miniaturized surgical instruments to be manipulated through a series of approximately quarter inch incisions. The instruments are mounted on three separate robotic arms, allowing for maximum range of motion and precision. A fourth arm contains a magnified high-definition 3D camera.

Dr. Graham is able to control the instruments and camera looking through a high definition monitor that provides a more detailed view of the site than the human eye can provided. This allows unprecedented control in a minimally invasive environment. Every movement she makes is replicated steadily and precisely by the robotics.

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